Q&A: How To Answer “How Are You” In Russian?

I was wondering if you had a post or if you could make a post about emotions. I want to learn more ways to respond to ‘Как дела?’ than simply “Я хорошо” and such. If not, could you direct me to a place where emotions in Russian are listed? Спасибо!

Hi! Here are some options how you can respond on “Как дела?”
Note: very often, Russians start telling you how they are in great detail, because we naturally believe you really care since you’ve asked…

  • У меня всё хорошо. I’m doing all right.
  • У меня всё ужасно. I’m doing just awful (=things are going really bad)
  • Мне скучно. I’m bored
  • Мне плохо. I’m not feeling well. (physically or emotionally)
  • Плохо (without мне) – things are bad.
  • У меня всё прекрасно! I’m doing extremely well!
  • У меня всё нормально. I’m fine. (neutral response)
  • Ничего, спасибо. lit. Nothing (wrong with me), thanks. Another neutral response.
  • Мне страшно. I’m scared.
  • Я ужасно расстроена (f)/ расстроен (m) – I’m so pissed off!
  • Я злюсь. I’m mad (at smb).
  • Дела терпимо. Lit. I can tolerate how things are going. – it is good for mentioning that you’re experiencing troubles, but believe that you can keep up.
  • Потихоньку. Little by little.

Here you can find more words for emotions (my secret blog on Patreon, for my patrons only), and here I wrote a bit about apologizing and expressing support.


Photo by Steven Mueller