Пять минут. Выпуск 26

Привет! Вы слушаете двадцать шестой выпуск подкаста Пять Минут. Меня зовут Евгения Власова. Я лингвист, я веду блог Proper Russian и даю уроки русского языка. Этот эпизод для меня особенный. Во-первых, это первый выпуск после долгого перерыва.  Я немного волнуюсь и радуюсь, что наконец-то решила возродить свой любимый подкаст. Во-вторых, это праздничный выпуск. Я записываю

Drama and Comedy in Office Affair

Office Affair, a classic Soviet film, has been truly popular for over four decades. It became a hit right away, and has remained one of the most beloved movies for generations. It truthfully displayed the real life and actual problems of people in Brezhnev’s Era of Stagnation, and this is one of the reasons it became so popular. For the very same reason, viewers from other countries and even younger Russians may miss the hints and hidden jokes that make this movie not just a romantic drama, but also a brilliant, sparkling comedy. In this article, I’ll try to explain the secret language of the Office Affair to you so that you could understand the film better and enjoy it in full.

English and Russian Proverbs

Each language has proverbs, those simple, concrete sayings that crystalize common sense. Proverbs are a genre of folklore. They were created by people and passed from one generation to another as an oral tradition. They reflect the values and unique experience of the nation, and being the accumulated wisdom of many, they are a big